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Hampco's core business is engineering and the development of practical hardware solutions for the offshore energy industry but the principles apply to any industry.  Our design team comprises engineers from both the practical operations and the detailed equipment design ends of the business.  Together with our customers, we invent and develop solutions from a "fit-for-purpose" perspective with focus on optimizing functionality, operability, maintainability and reliability.  


We also strive to minimize complexity and maximize durability.  Our proprietary trademark represents our philosophies of:

  • Adopting tried and tested techniques and sub-assemblies wherever possible
  • Using standard components to avoid "specials" wherever possible
  • Integrating specific customer component preferences (e.g. to optimize spare parts)
  • Fully disclosing original component supplier part numbers to allow customers to source independently
  • Fully disclosing relevant details of materials to facilitate repair directly by customers if required
  • Simplifying controls to increase reliability and probability of successful field repairs
  • Empower our customers with as much information as they require to minimize dependence upon us, the OEM

From the thousands of projects that we have completed since 1988, we may have already solved similar challenges to what you are facing now and so we can offer the benefit of that previous work over many years and different parts of the world.

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